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Maternity Belt for Pregnancy or After

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Maternity Belt for Pregnancy or After for safety of pregnant women with miscarriage support, Postpartum abdomen pelvis.

Elastic fabric,can adjust the size.
Ideal support for during-pregnancy and post-pregnancy pelvis posture correction and body slimming purposes. 

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To help pregnant women to maintain the correct posture,so that pregnant women in pregnancy is still brisk.
Relieves pelvic area joint fatigue and muscle soreness during pregnancy.
Effectively lessens spinal pressure due to unbalanced baby weight.
To improve the low back pain, back pain has obvious effect.

Color: White
Size: M, L, XL, XXL
Length: 77-93cm
Size Length Width Waist
M 77.7cm/30.59" 42cm/16.54" 76-108cm/29.92-42.50"
L 81cm/31.89" 47cm/18.50" 81-117cm/31.89-46.06"
XL 87cm/34.20" 52cm/20.50" 88-128cm/34.58-50.39"
XXL 93cm/36.61" 57cm/22.50" 94-140cm/36.94-55.12"

Package Included:
1 x Pregnant woman care support waist belt

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